Aerial view of campus master plan vision
Concept of proposed street scene in the Health Sciences district
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Enhanced irrigation channel

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University of Nevada, Reno
Comprehensive Master Plan and Regional Center Plan

Existing - 290 acres
Planned - 860 acres
Student FTE
Existing - 11,600
Planned - 30,000
Web Site

“Universities and Cities
Working Together to Make Great Communities,”
National APA Conference, 2006
“Green Plans’ Regional Center and Comprehensive Master Plan for University of Nevada, Reno,” Nevada APA Chapter Conference, 2005
Campus Master Planning Citation, American School & University’s Architectural Awards, 2005
“Sasaki Associates was instrumental in helping us bring together not only all the elements of a complex university campus community, but also neighbors, city officials, and external friends to shape an effective plan for our future and a vision for a vibrant community in which the University is a central part.”
John Frederick
Executive Vice President
and Provost
University of Nevada, Reno

“Having been with the city for 25 years, this plan represents the best city-university cooperation I’ve seen, providing the basis for a seamless connection between an ever-growing City of Reno and a university population of students and faculty that will be 50,000.”
John Hester
Community Development Director
City of Reno, Nevada

Top: Aerial view of the comprehensive vision

Bottom: Enhanced irrigation channel offers places to relax


This comprehensive plan sets a bold, creative vision for the university and the City of Reno. The master plan increases public access to the institution’s resources and strengthens the institution’s identity. It establishes a vision for campus enhancement and growth, expanding the campus to accommodate a projected 43 percent enrollment growth over the next ten years, possibly doubling in twenty-five years. The university master plan projects a campus equivalent in size, resources, and stature to nationally recognized state land-grant institutions.

Building on the character of the university’s historic center, the master plan envisions an enlarged academic core encompassing four compact academic districts. It calls for improved recreational facilities, an expanded health-sciences district, and residential enclaves. A network of pedestrian-oriented open spaces and pathways integrates all areas of the campus and connects to a proposed mixed-use development between downtown and Interstate 80.

As the basis for the “University Regional Center Plan” prepared by the city, the master plan includes an implementation strategy approved both by the University and Community College System of Nevada and by the City of Reno.

Location: Reno, Nevada
Responsibilities: Principal-in-charge; Sasaki Associates
Consultants: CFA, Inc. Civil Engineering; Paulien & Associates, Higher Education Programming; Fehr & Peers, Traffic and Transportation; PK Electrical; Petty and Associates, Mechanical & Energy; Catherine Werner, Sustainability; Timothy Wells, Perspectives

Bottom: Concept for the main boulevard in the Health Sciences District

Bottom: Project Web site providing 24/7 community access to the master planning process