Aerial view of campus master plan vision
Concept of proposed street scene in the Health Sciences district
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University of Nevada, Reno
Campus Master Plan and University Regional Center Plan

Existing - 290 acres
Planned - 300 acres
Student FTE
Existing - 15,500
Planned - 17,800

Top: Aerial view of the comprehensive vision showing extension of the campus to Interstate 80
and a new mixed use university district south adjacent to Downtown Reno

This ten-year campus master plan identifies improvements to create a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly campus the growing student population. The plan’s framework guides campus development in the near- and long-term in support of the University’s Strategic Plan prepared during campus planning process. Key initiatives of the plan are the extension of the university south to Interstate 80 and the City of Reno’s plan to create south of the freeway to Downtown Reno a vibrant safe and secure mixed use neighborhood with university induced uses. To this end, the City of Reno revised its regional center plan that includes policy recommendations for planning, land use, streetscape, urban design, circulation, and public rights-of-way. The Regional Transportation Commission oversaw recommendations to the bus rapid transit system, local bus service, and bicycle circulation.

Location: Reno, Nevada
Clients: University of Nevada, Reno; City of Reno; Regional Transportation Commission
Responsibilities: Consultant, Campus Planning and Design
Prime Consultant: Van Woert Bigotti Architects
Consultants: Corneil Collaborative, Planning and Urban Design, Paulien & Associates, Higher Education Programming; Nelson\Nygaard, Traffic and Transportation; U3 Ventures, University Market Economic Development; Timothy Wells, Perspectives

Bottom: Innovation Alley, a pedestrian street bounded by a new business school, an innovation center, residence halls, dining, and student-serving retail.

Bottom: 12th Street Portal with a new bus rapid transit station, enhanced pedestrian amenities, and bicycle lanes.