Illustrative plan of proposed core conditions
Growth and Stewardship plan costriants fo the north campus
Field review

University of California Santa Cruz
Growth & Stewardship and Core Capacity Studies

Growth & Stewardship- 400 acres
Core Campus - 90 acres
Associate Consultant
Jones and Stokes


Top: Core Campus Capacity Study


Top: Growth & Stewardship Campus master plan constraints

The University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) is internationally recognized for its physical setting and its unique small college culture within the context of a great public university. The university sought to understand the campus’s capacity to accommodate growth in both academic and residential programs. The planning addressed both the North Campus, an area yet developed, and the Campus Core, the heart of the campus’s academic and research facilities.

The Growth & Stewardship Plan examined the capacity of the 400-acre North Campus based on a physical and environmental analysis, identifying development sites that would provide ease of construction while minimizing unnecessary environmental impacts. The first step in the capacity study was to examine the 1988 Long Range Development Plan assumptions and test those against current realities.

The Campus Core Capacity Study analyzed potential development of the 90-acre core of the campus, based on scale and density that fit contextually with the existing built environment and that respect the natural setting.

Location: Santa Cruz, California
Responsibilities: Principal-in-charge; Sasaki Associates


Bottom: Field review for siting additional facilities