Illstrative plan of phase one conditions
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Long range plan of campus zones

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Long Range Development Plan and Master Plan

508 acres
Student FTE
Existing - 4,768
Planned - 18,000


Top: Illustrative master plan


Top: Portion of the long range development plan

The master plan addresses near-term needs for the developed 80-acre campus. The plan presents building and open space development and guidelines.

The long-term development plan presents a build-out of the campus on its entire 508 acres. One purpose of the plan was to assess the site’s capacity to support additional enrollment foreseen by the State of Colorado.

The plans identifies strategies to transition from a commuter to a resident student campus. Coupled with the projected growth in student FTE, student residents will require a dramatic increase in auxiliary uses including dining and recreation. The campus’s soils and topography presented a increasing range of construction costs the analysis of which were incorporated into the implementation strategy in order to minimize near-term costs.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Responsibilities: Principal-in-charge; Sasaki Associates

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Bottom: Campus community reviews alternative concepts

Bottom: Long range development plan campus zones

Proposed land uses