night scene in retail area
diagram of a typical neighborhood
porches in new residential area
propsoed central park

South City Villages
Offer, Qualifications, and Conceptual Master Plan


Top: Aerial view highlighting greenways and parks

Bottom: Central Park caters to active sports and picnicking

Top: Ground-floor retail activates the street, day and night

This community master plan provides a mix of jobs, housing, retail, open space, and community serving amenities for Southeast Bakersfield. The plan incorporates a high level of walkability into its design that has yet to be experienced in other contemporary Bakersfield neighborhoods. The plan intricately weaves a variety of private land uses with public amenities and open space to ensure vital, active, and safe neighborhoods.

The plan comprises 9,700 residential units ranging from single family to live work units. Mixed use integrated with the housing faces public spaces. Approximately 160 acres are reserved as an employment center. Neighborhood elementary schools, middle schools, and one high school populate this new community.

The plan was prepared as an offer for land being sold by the City of Bakersfield for mixed use development.

Location: Bakersfield, California
Responsibilities: Principal-in-charge, Sasaki Associates

Bottom: Single family homes offer porches for gathering

aerial view of proposed new community

Landscape Architecture
1,280 acres